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Large Size Digital Painting by Gabriel T Toro

Gabriel T Toro Artist

My name is Gabriel Torrado Toro.
I am an artist, digital illustrator, and graphic and web designer based in Malaga, Spain.

Fascinated by the possibility to have a paint drying in 0 seconds and refresh it at the same time, I decided to do digital art.
After doing Letraset, the iron ruler and the Rotring in different digital media; and perhaps I got a little bit tired of the limitations of digital design, and web (which they brought me lots of rewards too).
I jump in to an artistic project. Probably, I am a little bit crazy, but I don’t get tired in looking new ways to express my art.
Let me tell you: I am happy about it.
There is nothing better, sometimes, to start from scratch, there is a lot to explore and see.

See you soon!

About my Artwork

How I started doing digital painting

I have painted since I was a child. I love the smell of oil, turpentine and texture of a good paper or canvas. I have drawn with pencil, charcoal, I painted with watercolors, oils, pastels and acrylics and will continue using traditional media, traditional media because they are those who have taught me to paint.

But eat and pay bills or mortgage profits of art is very complicated, so my working life has gone through several states, much of it as graphic design. And it was in the world of graphic design when one day I bought a cheap graphics tablet to do some work with the mouse are very complicated. I simply in love with her.

The graphics tablet was at my desk for years, helping in some designs. But in my free time I put aside my sketchbook and my pencil and started to try to do small things with the graphics tablet, and gradually more finished, and test tools, software and possibilities drawings. I started over 100 paintings with which I was rehearsing possibilities, perfecting techniquesand especially, enjoying an amazing experience for an artist.

For a couple of years just use paper and pencil do, except to make some notes when I'm not near my computer and my beloved graphics tablet.

Digital Painting is art?

It's an old argument in which I will not go. I'm already bored of listening and reading arguments for and against digital painting. It has always reminded me of an old fight that despised the noble art of watercolor as a minor art. And watercolor is great, magical and luminous how few techniques.

I paint digitally like they do with traditional media. The computer and
graphics tablet are only tools, like what are the brushes, oil, colored pencils or canvas.

But I must admit that I miss something. The only thing: impasto. But this is only a limitation and all media used to paint have their own limitations.

Why I chose Digital Painting?

There are several reasons, but mainly because it satisfies me and makes me happy.

And I am happy because digital painting is versatile, fast, clean and very manageable. It is very economical to produce, especially for an artist like me, because I love to paint large.

And it makes me happy that I can offer my artwork to all people at affordable prices. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of someone falling in love with one of my paintings and buy printing. And when he get to the picture at home, hang it in a special place for him and enjoy it forever. And it makes me infinitely happy that, after little more than a year selling prints of my artwork, there is already a part of myself in many homes throughout the world.

Tips you should know before buying

I never paint on a textured art paper or canvas.
This I do because if you buy a print of my artwork on art paper or canvas and I do paint on a texture, everything is printed on the own texture of the support which you have chosen. And this is not good for you.

Why I chose these stores to sell reproductions of my artwork?
For print quality is the best and are specialized in art reproductions. For the production and delivery are fast. And because they guarantee your satisfaction or your money back for 30 days.

My artwork measures 150cm wide but you want a canvas 60cm only.
No problem, buy it. Whenever the original is equal to or larger than the print size, everything will be fine. However, if the artwork is smaller than the print size, the results are very bad. I have always painted in large sizes because it makes me happy ... and to start with digital painting I found that this happens to good for printing on demand.

If you have any further queries, please contact me.

Add a little art in your life, Dress your walls with light and color

Thanks to digital painting, democratizes art to be accessible to everyone

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