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Large Size Digital Painting by Gabriel T Toro

Gabriel T Toro Artist

My name is Gabriel Torrado Toro.
I am an artist, digital illustrator, and graphic and web designer based in Malaga, Spain.

Fascinated by the possibility to have a paint drying in 0 seconds and refresh it at the same time, I decided to do digital art.
After doing Letraset, the iron ruler and the Rotring in different digital media; and perhaps I got a little bit tired of the limitations of digital design, and web (which they brought me lots of rewards too).
I jump in to an artistic project. Probably, I am a little bit crazy, but I don’t get tired in looking new ways to express my art.
Let me tell you: I am happy about it.
There is nothing better, sometimes, to start from scratch, there is a lot to explore and see.

See you soon!

About my Artwork

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