Al Pacino @ Scarface #1 – Work in Progress

Work in Progress - Large Size Painting

Al Pacino @ Scarface #1 – Work in Progress 1

Al Pacino @ Scarface #1 – Work in Progress

I like Brian De Palma movies and I like Al Pacino, so I had no choice but to do what I should have done long ago: paint something the two of them because they are an amazing team.

I also love Michelle Pfeiffer. And in this movie creates a very attractive character, so soon I’ll ever paint that thin, drug addict and cynical girl.

I hope you like my first painting Scarface.


08/10/2015 Finished Paintig > View

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  • Chupacabra says:

    Sure he s pretentious, but he s got no shortage of roles. And his comments about Pacino weren t negative.

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