An interesting week

New painting and Jewellery designs

An interesting week 92

An interesting week

Yes, I’ve had an interesting week. I finished a painting of a new series, “Hot Dreams“, and I started another.
I also started playing with abstract painting, which is something new for me because I’ve always been a very classic guy when handling brushes, both mongoose hair brushes as computerized.
I’m happy with this because I left my usual line is painting portraits and those related to the cinema.
It is refreshing!

How has also been refreshing for me to finish three new jewelry designs for Zazzy.
This is being really fun for me.

The first is a big star for necklaces that I titled “You’re the star”. I then added the whole alphabet to the star so that people have the option of having your star or give it away with the initial of a name. Available in Gold Plated Shiny Steel.

Second, I have based on the first, and in this case is a large central star with a small star on each side. I have also played with the theme of the initials. Available in Gold Plated Shiny Steel.

An the third is a front view of that old van VW T2. An icon of freedom and the hippy movement of the 60s and 70s.
Yes, I had fun. Available in Brass Plated Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. Also Plated Shiny Steel and Nylon.

Next week I will have fun!


Update 02-09-2017
Unfortunately Zazzy, the company that made my jewelry designs has closed.




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