Apocalypse Now #2

Work in Progress - Large Size Painting

Apocalypse Now #2

Apocalypse Now #2

If a movie is a building, Apocalypse Now is a cathedral.

That’s because Coppola has a tendency to build cathedrals.

Not another film about the Vietnam War, is the story of a search of lost values the starring actor, all surrounded by symbols of surrealism and a claustrophobic atmosphere.

I am convinced that Apocalypse Now should occupy a place of honor among the 100 best films of the history of cinema and probably among the 25 best.

I have seen many times, both the first revised version as Redux and always discover many new things I had not seen or understood.

Obviously when I paint something about this film come to mind great memories and nightmares often I live awake.

See you soon!

Thank you.

05/18/2015 Finished Paintig > View



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