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Work in Progress - Large Size Painting

Frank Sinatra in Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn

Frank Sinatra in Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn

I’ve been painting for over 40 years. I used all the techniques, from the humble pencil to digital painting. But never did a painting of Sinatra.

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of cinema when choosing my subjects to paint. I also love music, singers and all the beauty of this world.

It is now for the first time that I decided it was paint my favorite male singer.

Frank Sinatra is simply a god of music, “The Voice” among all the great voices and performer of some of the most beautiful songs in the whole history of USA.

I wanted to travel to Frank to Las Vegas again because he had two cities that loved: NY and Las Vegas.
The next painting of Mr. Sinatra will be on the streets of NY, certainly.

I hope you like it.

04/29/2015 Finished Paintig > View


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