Beginning my jewelry designs for Zazzy

New and exciting project

Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design

Last week, I think through a follow on Twitter, found Zazzy.
It is an ingenious printing project jewelry on demand.

I found a really interesting idea and decided to give a break to painting.
On Tuesday, in the morning, I did some sketches in my notebook and then I started working with my design graphics software to participate and opening my own store Zazzy.

The first idea that came to my mind -I am a painter and lover of the painting- was inspiration from a classic.
And this time was Michelangelo and The Creation of Adam of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

Hands of God and Adam were suddenly in my sketchbook and soon ready on my computer screen.
Then, I decided to add some more thinking it’s an interesting for those who may like it my design choice.
I created a complete alphabet, putting each letter in the hands of God and Adam, so that the design serve as the initial of the name of the person you would be interested.
My mind does not stop thinking about new designs.
Zazzy is an exciting idea!

I hope you like it


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